About Us

Shadab Sayeed, CEO of deceptioner.site

Shadab Sayeed

Shadab is the CEO of DecEptioner. He started his career in the online world as a freelancer. He is a techie by heart but also has a ton of experience in writing content and as a programmer.

The idea to build an AI text humanizer came along when one of his college friends got an 'F' because his professor was convinced that he used an AI to write his paper. His friend was devasted as not only he had not used any kind of AI to write it, he had worked upon it for weeks.

With an aim to help his friend Sayeed went on his way to build something that helps such students/writers who have been falsely accused of using AI to do their work. Upon further investigation Sayeed found out that even WikiPedia and New York Times authors were not spared by these AI detectors. Many of their articles from the past decade which he found out using archive.org were written by AI according to many of the popular AI detectors. This convinced him that what he is working on is needed by many and so after working on it for months he came up with DecEptioner.

Today, he remains busy in improving DecEptioner by the day and writing content for his client during the night.

Md. Zahid, CTO of deceptioner.site

Md. Zahid

Zahid is our CTO and frontend web developer. He is known for pouring his heart and soul in the craft of "creating". He has worked with many start-ups, and individuals, honing his skills and gaining work experience in his field.

The mere satisfaction Zahid gets from "creating" something functional and attractive, which has the potential to serve thousands in one way or another, motivates him enough to do it every day. His ambitions don't halt at just being a developer; rather, he explores every corner related to technology, dabbling in a bit of everything. From video editing to 3D designing, from digital painting to coding web apps, Zahid's work knows no limits.

Above all, he is a student, so learning is his first priority. Slowly providing other people with valuable work and assets, and contributing on a level that makes a small yet significant difference, gives Zahid an indescribable feeling of fulfillment. He loves working with people, collaborating with them, and refining projects to meet their exact specifications. It's as if Zahid and his clients are coworkers striving to achieve a single goal.

Shaif Ahmad, COO of deceptioner.site

Shaif Ahmad

Shaif is our COO. He is a Mechanical Engineer by profession and is a car enthusiast. His focus on long term decision-making along with his calm and composed demeanor makes him a perfect fit for this organization. He is rightly called "Steady Sage" by some of his team members. When he is not ranting about cars you can find him learning MySQL and Python.